Garden Gallery


Since earliest times herbs have been used for medicines, tonics and all sorts of cures; to enhance the flavor of food and drink; to cover up unpleasant odors, or because they smelled nice in themselves; to repel insects and even as charms with magical powers. They were an essential part of daily living.

It was only natural that the earliest settlers brought with them seeds, cuttings, and plants from their gardens to start gardens in the new land, and that they added to them those native plants used by the people already living here.

The Bowne House herb garden is close to the kitchen door where it could be easily reached at any time. Now patterned after the Quaker Cross, a legendary piece of jewelry and Bowne family heirloom, it is still informal in feeling as it would have been in the days when the Bowne ladies tilled it. Planted in it are many of the herbs that they would have used, and although reference is made herein to medicinal uses, no medicinal remedies are intended. For easy reference, plants are keyed by number to their general locations in the garden plan.
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