Friends Meeting House interior showing
“Ships Knees,” which were used in early
sailing ships to brace the deck to the hull.
Here they are used to brace the heavy
beams on the upper floor, from Bowne
House publication

The Friends Meeting House is located on Northern Boulevard east of Main Street. The Quakers of Flushing, who for 30 years had met in the Bowne House, built the Meeting House on land acquired by John Bowne in 1692. The first services were held in 1694, when the building was completed.

It was enlarged to its present size in 1719. The building has been in continuous use as a place of worship since it was erected, except during the Revolution, when it was used by the British Army for a prison and barracks.
The original benches were broken by the British soldiers and used for firewood. Those now in use were installed after the revolution.
Friends Meeting House from Bowne House publication
Friends Meeting House Interior from Bowne House publication